Seventy-five years ago, Joseph Stalin's henchmen (the NKVD) came pounding on my Polish family's door in Eastern Poland. It wasn't until 2012, after a series of serendipitous events, that I decided it was time for me to do some knocking on a few doors myself -- the doors of history.
The main tool that I am living and sharing is authenticity. Which is why I love what Esalen has created in melding intellectual, physical and spiritual practices.
Pastor Joel Osteen explains why gratitude is the missing key to success.
It's always a toss up of priorities. I know as I'm gorging on good material that there are moments I should savor. But the total package is so seductive that I can't be bothered to be polite, reasonable, health conscious or disciplined.
These five books, arranged in the order in which I discovered them, provide a chronological biography of my development as a spiritual person
Myss quickly realizes that the issue is not that Jacob struggles with acting aggressive or passive; it's that he worries
This betrayal happens when you ignore your intuition which often causes a nagging voice in your head to question your choice
At a time when it's getting harder and harder to motivate Joe and Jane Public to buy music, a singer/songwriter from New
Does your life revolve around physically challenging activities? The Athlete is super-competitive but always plays fair and
MP: Now I’m looking at my own intentions, making sure they all come from goodness. CM: I have no use for that. Sorry, but
We came alone, or with a friend, emptied our bank accounts to do so. We came for something that couldn't be explained but felt oddly familiar. No two stories were alike, and yet they all seemed connected.
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