Catholic Nuns

“Last year the theme had been ‘Frozen,’ so I guess she really went through something since then,” the girl’s cousin told HuffPost.
Two survivors share stories of grooming, emotional manipulation and sexual abuse by nuns in the Catholic Church.
The Catholic Church has been rocked with allegations of sexual abuse carried out by priests for decades. Now survivors of abusive nuns are speaking out. Patricia “Trish” Cahill and Anne Gleeson were teenagers when the abuse began. Even though these two survivors grew up in different cities, the grooming and manipulation conducted by the nuns they say abused them sound eerily and tragically similar.
Joan of Leeds reportedly tricked her fellow nuns into burying a dummy in her place and ran away from her York convent.
The pope publicly confirmed that some priests have subjected nuns to "sexual slavery," and pledged to take action.
"It’s been the hardest spiritual practice I’ve ever committed to," Sister Susan Francois told The New York Times.
Ahead of the midterm elections, 30 Catholic sisters are touring the country to talk about how the tax law poses an “existential threat” to lower-income Americans.
The social justice-focused sisters are traveling to 21 states ahead of the midterms.
The largest association of American Catholic nuns says the church should hold abusers accountable.