Chance the Rapper

The Grammy winner is honoring "criminally underpaid" educators during the COVID-19 pandemic.
“I am immensely proud of her and so inspired by her journey," the Chicago rapper wrote.
Cardi B, Chance the Rapper, Green Day, Billie Eilish and more read Twitter trolls' harsh posts.
"Listen, your hombre, I see the way you're looking at me," Momoa tells a judge in mock steamy "SNL" sketch.
Rapper honors striking teachers, the "second city" that "fathered me," and second choices.
The couple welcomed their second daughter, Marli, in August.
The Grammy-winning musician spilled the beans on former President Barack Obama, Kanye West and Jay-Z in James Corden's comedy bit.
The three-time Grammy winner told Ellen DeGeneres that he even popped the question at that very first meeting.
"I need to be as helpful and available as possible to my wife in these early months of raising Kensli and Marli," the Chicago rapper wrote.
Performers at Gem City Shine included Chance the Rapper and Stevie Wonder.