The Mexican-American star discussed America's immigration crisis, telling the story of her own family's journey as undocumented immigrants.
In recent weeks, mass shootings across the country have killed over twenty Latinos, and one shooter confessed to targeting people of Mexican descent.
Director Lee Unkrich said his team felt the need to convey “a positive message about the beauty of Mexico."
“But stay woke...” - Childish Gambino According to CNN: President Donald Trump’s retweet of a Fox News story claiming U.S
Chicano artist Ruben Dario Villa used Canels chiclets to create the piece.
We must not jeopardize the future of our species and the planet by short-sighted, politically expedient acts.
"[It's] a simple act of resistance meant to push back against the normalization of hate."
What is seen in this report is that the story of Chicago is one of access --or rather--a lack thereof. Chicago is one of
While Trump stirred the pot, exposing one of America's darker faces, this dark side of American society has clearly been there all along.
I am particularly angry at the so called liberal wing of the media (National Public Radio, I'm talking to you!) which amplified
Most employers we interviewed began by the late 1990s to organize their businesses around the productivity and discipline
It's open season on Mexican-Americans, whether you're a bigot running for president, or an "animal rights" organization fighting for its right to kill pets.
When considering Latinos, educators often struggle with how to close the achievement gap. That gap is often defined as a disparity in academic success between native English speakers and those for whom Spanish was their first language.
Sports have been a major presence in the lives of Mexican Americans since the early 20th century. This has been particularly
Moments later, on that same interview, Senator McConnell said, "I think the party of Lincoln wants to win The White House
2. Mexicans are lazy. (False.) *** Court Stroud is a writer and a longtime media executive who has worked for companies such