The Mexican-American star discussed America's immigration crisis, telling the story of her own family's journey as undocumented immigrants.
In recent weeks, mass shootings across the country have killed over twenty Latinos, and one shooter confessed to targeting people of Mexican descent.
Director Lee Unkrich said his team felt the need to convey “a positive message about the beauty of Mexico."
“But stay woke...” - Childish Gambino According to CNN: President Donald Trump’s retweet of a Fox News story claiming U.S
Chicano artist Ruben Dario Villa used Canels chiclets to create the piece.
We must not jeopardize the future of our species and the planet by short-sighted, politically expedient acts.
"[It's] a simple act of resistance meant to push back against the normalization of hate."
Economic inequality in Chicago will not be fixed overnight but with investments in the work of local organizations, and significant
While Trump stirred the pot, exposing one of America's darker faces, this dark side of American society has clearly been there all along.