Merritt Corrigan, former deputy White House liaison for USAID, claims she is being persecuted for her Christian beliefs.
Elected official says laws won't solve the problem, only God.
Loving your neighbor means keeping them out of harm's way, Rev. William Barber said -- joining other faith leaders criticizing Trump's push to reopen churches.
People of faith around the world are turning to prayer during the Covid-19 pandemic. But why exactly do we pray? It turns out, prayer isn’t just about religion. And while the ways people pray vary widely, the basic human need to reach out to something outside of ourselves is universal.
Nearly 300 leaders are calling on Congress to give houses of worship a pass, in case congregants start claiming they've contracted the coronavirus at services.
Rev. Tony Spell, who already faces charges for ignoring his state's ban on public gatherings, bused people in for Palm Sunday services.
"They have no business being in New York City," said activist William Talen.
She's asking followers to send "seed" money in honor of a Bible passage that promises protection against pestilence and plague.
Jeremy Christian faces decades of jail for stabbing three people and hurling anti-Muslim insults at two black women on a Portland train.
The Democrat had come under fire from a Republican opponent who argued that the queens' outfits "mocked the Christian religion and mocked traditional values."