College Sports

Officials apologized for "not thoroughly vetting" the risque performance at an annual basketball show.
Wavee Dave the Tiger got a little too caught up in the action after his team scored.
Big-time college athletic programs treat athletes like "commodities" and aren't "giving them the education that they deserve," the senator said.
It's the third time this year the president has welcomed star athletes to the White House with greasy grub.
Longtime women's basketball coach Sylvia Hatchell was accused of forcing her team to play while hurt and using a threat involving "nooses."
Blackmail charges against the star lawyer didn't stop him from releasing what he claimed were damaging documents involving the company.
As the Final Four begins, the question is no longer whether college sports "amateurism" will die. It’s when and how it finally will.
But the lawyer's latest allegations only reveal his own ignorance about college basketball "corruption."
Only in the asinine world of college sports could paying talented, marketable athletes be damaging to anyone.
The president picks Duke to win the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament and UCONN to win the Women's Tournament.
Athletics facilitate a "separate admissions system" for white wealthy students that federal officials say they want to end.
The Duke basketball star's injury is more proof that it's time to change restrictive NBA and NCAA rules that only hurt players.
The ESPN announcer mounts an amusing on-air campaign urging the former president to lend his leadership to the struggling team.
Blaise Meredith of North Central College got a face full of Plexiglas in his block attempt.
Kewan Platt of Fitchburg State was suspended indefinitely for an elbow slam at a defenseless opponent.
The Texas Longhorns star hadn't played since January and is scheduled for more treatment.
Donte DiVincenzo came off the bench to pour in a game-high 31 points.
College basketball -- played by (honest) professionals. Just like the olden days.
Sister Jean, Loyola's 98-year-old team chaplain, was there to cheer them as they defeated Kansas State.