Doctors, content creators, makeup artists and beauty experts with Black and brown skin recommend their favorite sun protection.
The Oscar winner said the story is "a mirror for dark-skinned children to see themselves, a window for those who may not be familiar with colorism."
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In search of aesthetic ideals, women undergo painful hair rebonding to straighten their naturally wavy and curly hair. But for what?
My parents never made a big show of complimenting my skin the way others had.
The "Us" actor said that colorism is a prejudice that's plaguing communities worldwide.
Director Ava DuVernay tweeted the hashtag and shared stills from some of her projects that capture the "beauty of brown skinned girls."
Fighting for inclusion in Hollywood means considering how casting is often dictated by colorism, in addition to racism.
Hollywood is making strides, but let’s not overlook the folks outside the margins — the ones who look like me.
Even though I’d cultivated an appreciation for my skin color over the years, what he said caused old feelings to resurface.