Commencement Central

The vice president made history as the first woman to deliver the keynote speech to the military school’s graduating class in its 175-year history.
The first lady told Dreamers, young immigrants who arrived in the U.S. as children, at a commencement: “We know you have so much to contribute to this nation.”
“You’re the most progressive, best educated, least prejudiced, most open generation in American history,” Biden said. “We need you badly."
The Rock delivered a surprise commencement address after receiving a letter that “knocked me off my feet.”
Former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama address the graduating classes of 2020 on their role in a tumultuous nation.
Video by a progressive PAC mocks the first daughter for touting her own "personal growth" in times of "discomfort and uncertainty."
The Harvard alum said he was the school's first commencement speaker to be "standing on the spot where his dog urinated seven minutes ago."
The former adviser for George W. Bush called the first Black president's speeches for high school seniors and historically Black colleges "unseemly."
President Donald Trump went after former President Barack Obama after he slyly criticized the current administration’s poor response to the coronavirus pandemic.
"Where's the Clorox kegger going to be?" the president asks in a speech dreamed up by one Twitter critic.
"A lot of them aren’t even pretending to be in charge," former President Barack Obama said in a commencement address to HBCU graduates.
1,000 cadets have been called back to New York, the state with the highest number of coronavirus deaths in the nation.
The pop icon met Nat Werth, who was barred from delivering a graduation speech, after her Milwaukee concert last week.
Kick-start your career and life with wisdom from Oprah Winfrey, Stacey Abrams and Missy Elliott.
The recent high school graduate in Dallas said she doesn't believe the actions were "rooted in hate."
The law professor delivered the commencement speech at the private women's liberal arts college on Friday.
During Angela Merkel’s speech at the Harvard University commencement, the German chancellor criticized President Donald Trump without even mentioning his name.
The German chancellor criticized “walls” throughout her Harvard University commencement address, a swipe at the president's anti-immigration rhetoric.
"Some of you will join the fight on the Korean Peninsula ... where North Korea continues to threaten the peace," the vice president said.
Cox urged people to include trans men in abortion debates in the wake of Alabama passing the strictest anti-abortion measure in the country.