Cultural Appropriation

When a word that originated in the Black community as a rallying cry has been bastardized by the right, it's time for that word to die.
The singer made the questionable claim while describing her Harajuku era in an interview with Allure.
Ralph Lauren is the latest in a seemingly endless series of brands to reportedly appropriate Indigenous Mexican designs.
You were right to speak up against something you knew to be wrong, and we’re sorry you extended emotional labor just to be “heard.”
While Castro's daughter Alina Fernandez supported Franco's casting, actor John Leguizamo and others accused the filmmakers of cultural appropriation.
The actor and comedian said she's available on other social media platforms "that don't tell you to kill yourself."
"This POC author was actually a blond white woman who didn’t seem to think there was anything wrong with her act of brownface."
Alec Baldwin's wife, who was accused of pretending to be from Spain, suggested her critics are denying her "right to belong."
Black TikTokers are highlighting how their work is co-opted by white creators, often without credit or compensation.
The Mahjong Line drew flak for glossing over the game's Chinese lineage and for arguing that mahjong needed to be updated for "the stylish masses.”