Cultural Appropriation

The actor and comedian said she's available on other social media platforms "that don't tell you to kill yourself."
"This POC author was actually a blond white woman who didn’t seem to think there was anything wrong with her act of brownface."
Alec Baldwin's wife, who was accused of pretending to be from Spain, suggested her critics are denying her "right to belong."
Black TikTokers are highlighting how their work is co-opted by white creators, often without credit or compensation.
The Mahjong Line drew flak for glossing over the game's Chinese lineage and for arguing that mahjong needed to be updated for "the stylish masses.”
The "Hello" singer was rolling in the deep of Instagram criticism over her Notting Hill Carnival style.
Makeup artists say the trend is innocent enough, but many Asians say it's racially insensitive and hints at cultural appropriation.
Members of D.C.'s Filipino community argue the four white men who opened Barkada did a disservice to the word's roots.
The publication has long faced controversies surrounding its cultural appropriation of food trends and glaringly white staff.
The Grammy winner acknowledged the influence of Black artists on his own music while pledging to fight racial inequality.