Death and Dying

“To all the people who can’t be bothered to wear a mask, you want to scream, ‘I am trying to keep my baby alive! Please just let me keep my baby alive!’”
These stories help kids understand and process loss.
The youth coach and former Team USA under-17 player thought he caught a cold, but the symptoms worsened.
The California University of Pennsylvania senior's death initially was attributed to COVID-19, but that hasn't been confirmed.
The Filipino comedian's channel has more than 5 million subscribers.
Other hikers were rescued as record temperatures topped 110 degrees.
The performer spent much of his off time advocating for war veterans.
During the first night of the virtual Democratic National Convention, Kristin Urquiza issued a strong rebuke of President Donald Trump after her father died of COVID-19
Michael Steele, former head of the Republican National Committee, remembered his friend Herman Cain and urged people to take the coronavirus seriously.