Death and Dying

I don’t know how the medium knows what she knows, but what she is saying is uncanny.
Paulina Porizkova said the singer had been recovering from surgery when he died Sunday.
President Donald Trump said there are some “very bad people” coming to the United States from the Bahamas.
After a tragic accident in college, BJ Miller had to have three of his limbs amputated. Now, Miller uses his experience to shed light on death and counsel people grappling with mortality.
TED speaker and triple amputee Dr. BJ Miller talks about his new book, "A Beginner's Guide to the End," and why millennials are the “sandwich generation” of caregivers.
Sorrow, relief and guilt are just a few emotions that may come up when your estranged parent dies.
Experts share some tips to support children who want to participate in the memorial service for a late parent, relative or friend.
Juan Rodriguez will return to court later this month to once again find out whether he will face a grand jury.
Your feelings about success and achievement likely change.
Over the course of five years, I lost two grandmothers, two aunts, a cousin and both of my parents and nothing could have prepared me for the parameters of loss.
“I just keep telling my girlfriend how funny he was, how kind, how interesting, but in the end, they feel like nothing more than empty words."
Marissa Rodriguez told local news that she's grieving the deaths of her 1-year-old twins but still loves her husband and needs him by her side.
Petrus, whose three-year NFL career included a Super Bowl win, died of a heat stroke after working outside at his family shop in Arkansas.
Amal Clooney, the famed human rights lawyer, attacked President Donald Trump for going after journalists and press freedoms in the United States.
The groom's parents wanted to honor their daughter, who died in a car accident.
Angels superstar Mike Trout called Skaggs, who died suddenly in a hotel room, a great teammate and friend. "We love you."
Putnam County Court Judge James Reitz had just wrapped up a case. Then he suddenly collapsed.
Leyla Cox went to a resort on the island to ring in her 53rd birthday. Days later, she was found dead.