The guest list was wild, but Twitter users pointed out a pretty glaring problem.
President Joe Biden asked Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley to reform an agency known as “pale, male and Yale.” But diplomats say not much changed.
“I play a lot of moms,” said Davis. “Everyone wants me to play their mom. I have people who hug me in the street who call me Mom.”
Conservatives love to criticize “woke” workplaces. It turns out most employees don’t mind them.
The Oscar-winning actor invited outrage after complaining he’d never get to portray a Black man.
Mattel released its first-ever Barbie with Down syndrome.
More than a dozen states have introduced bills that defund DEI programs at colleges and universities.
Donald Glover recalled being told by Tina Fey that he was hired as part of a diversity initiative for “30 Rock.”