Don't Ask Don't Tell

The recently departed under secretary pushed through some of the most significant diversity and equity efforts at the Defense Department.
A celebrated activist and intellectual is about to retire, and he's got some advice for his longtime allies.
The historic under secretary wants to do more to retain mid-career women — and ensure that anyone willing and able to serve is welcome.
The Department of Veterans Affairs has issued guidance to "reverse the harm done" to people forced out of the military due to their sexuality or gender identity.
It was Reid who pushed the White House to act on repeal — driven by LGBTQ activists who broke the rules of Washington.
The new policy would force transgender military members to choose between transition and their jobs.
Writer Matt Baume examines an episode of the sci-fi series that feels particularly relevant in the wake of Donald Trump's transgender service member ban.
"It is exactly the same argument," says Barney Frank. "There have been zero negative consequences."
Thoughts on the banning of trans military service from a USMC veteran.
Back then, women who refused to fall in line with a male-dominated way of thinking, were shut down immediately.