The former vice president and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate has unveiled his immigration policy outline.
It's a victory for Democrats, but some advocates worry the bill criminalizes immigrant youth.
DACA recipients need to justify their right to remain in the United States, he said.
This year’s Oscars didn’t shy away from politics, with presenters and award-winners bringing up some of 2018’s most pressing issues.
Every day Congress fails to protect Dreamers is another day where the issue becomes even more complicated.
They want to stay in the U.S. and help children. But President Donald Trump might not let them.
We gave Dreamers a five-year glimpse at how it feels to be treated as “real” Americans, and now we’re debating closing the blinds.
"I am one of tens of thousands of first and second generation immigrants that are having a significant positive impact on the United States."
The Planned Parenthood president stood with Dreamers and supported a clean Dream Act in an essay for Time magazine.
More than 1,000 young people stand to lose their status each day after March 5.
The strategy of pairing Dreamer protections to government funding didn't work. So what's next?
“For so many folks in our communities, these matters are life and death... We are hoping that our legislators will understand that too."
The wife of a man kicked out of America after thirty years says she’s going to fight to bring him home and reform U.S. immigration policy.
"We must come together and stand with all of our communities, for none of us are free until all of us are free.”
“This is no time for business as usual,” said one rabbi who was among those arrested Wednesday.
The White House finally sent demands on immigration to the Senate, but Sen. Dick Durbin says they're unacceptable.
By Kica Matos For the last decade or so, Carlos and his parents have spent Thanksgiving dinner with my family. Questions
America Ferrera, Rosario Dawson and Jennifer Lawrence were among those urging for the Dream Act to be passed right away.
Sen. Dick Durbin said “most” of his colleagues agree the bill must have Dreamer protections. But the GOP only needs a few to break away -- and some already have.