The newspaper's board imagined “a social, political, moral — and economic — cataclysm” in terrifying detail.
The doctor said the president was trying to "give people some hope" amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic but added that now is no time to "pull back."
Trump's loyal evangelical fans see the president's choice of the holiest date on the Christian calendar as a meaningful goal, even if it's purely aspirational.
The talk show host also explained how the president and first lady Melania Trump innovated a precaution against coronavirus.
The U.S. is now more than a week into an unprecedented 15-day effort to encourage all Americans to drastically scale back their public activities.
In a step described as unprecedented in modern times, the Vatican said Sunday that all of Pope Francis' Holy Week events would not involve public participation.
There's something fishy happening in the background of the Pixar movie.
Churches in Colombo, Sri Lanka were closed after over 250 people were killed in suicide bombings on April 21.
The country's top health official said the blasts had damaged some bodies beyond recognition, making accurate identification difficult.
New Birth Missionary Baptist Church partnered with the rapper and the TV personality to raise enough money to bail out 23 nonviolent offenders.
Although Christians are currently a minority in Sri Lanka, Christianity has a long history in the island nation.
Fox News hosts are raging over just two words used by former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
A man and a woman were fighting in Orlando when the bunny suddenly came up and started throwing rabbit punches.
There are also reports the Duke of Sussex and Meghan Markle would move to Africa.
The nationwide social media blockage came after eight blasts swept through Sri Lankan churches and hotels on Easter Sunday, killing more than 200 people.
The Duchess of Cambridge wore baby blue to church as the royal family celebrated Easter and Queen Elizabeth's 93rd birthday.
The "Jesus Walks" rapper was joined by DMX, Chance the Rapper and others during his set on Easter Sunday.
More than 500 people were also wounded in the attacks.
People in India, Haiti and elsewhere retold the Good Friday story this week — defying age-old stereotypes about what Jesus would have looked like.
The creators of the new "Walking Dead" titles share egg-cellent behind-the-scenes secrets.