Eating Disorders

"I’ve found I can only move forward when I stop struggling in silence and let go of the shame."
The "Game of Thrones" star revealed the humbling advice she got from her therapist.
"Boys (and many of us adults, too) tend to think body dissatisfaction only plagues girls. But research suggests otherwise."
"At first I was only supposed to be tracking my blood glucose and not changing my diet — but I began examining everything that went into my mouth, secretly Googling whether foods were 'allowed.'”
"Your assignment is to eat a pint of ice cream every night before bed," I told my client.
The Beijing Winter Olympics put the sport's body-image woes back in the spotlight.
“I never learned how to stop restricting. I’d just found a stealthier way to do it.”
The ski jumper's revelation highlighted the event's dark side as “one of the most eating-disorder plagued sports,” one official said.
Weigh-ins can sometimes lead to avoiding health checkups altogether. Here's how to ask your provider to skip the scale.
"Health behaviors are important, but they are to be encouraged and supported, not to be used as shame tactics."