Eating Disorders

More anxiety, social media and alone time during the coronavirus pandemic can take a toll on your body image.
"Even friends I feel should know better are sharing 'fat beach body' memes, counting calories or joking about 'binging' on quarantine snacks."
Stress and different access to food during social distancing can trigger harmful thoughts. Here's how to handle it.
The singer opened up to Ellen DeGeneres about how her eating disorder led to a relapse after six years of sobriety.
"I’ve spent almost three decades hearing I am a ticking time bomb and that I’d be dead by 30 and I am deeply, profoundly tired of it."
Demi Lovato's latest words are a reminder that just telling a loved one to reach out for help isn't enough.
The pop singer explained her relationship with food and exercise in the Netflix documentary "Miss Americana" and a new magazine interview.
This effective eating plan is a happier, healthier approach to food.
Diet culture is rife with seasonal tips on overeating, but most of them just fuel food guilt. Instead, what if we just ate and moved on?
I’m free, and that’s worth so much more than being thin ever was.