Estate Planning And Wills

The review found Black was not involved in any way with Epstein’s criminal activities, but he did pay Epstein bona fide fees for advice on tax and estate planning, and other related services.
Who will make decisions about your finances and health (maybe even your life) if you get COVID-19?
By Nick DiUlio Let’s face it—end-of-life planning isn’t fun. The topic can seem morose, depressing -- maybe even a little
Year-end is also a good time to review your financial situation and make sure that you have an estate plan in place. If you
On March 2, 2016 Aubrey McClendon, the former Chesapeake Energy Corp CEO and part owner of the Oklahoma City Thunder was tragically killed in a highway accident.
Let's face it. Any one of us, regardless of age, can face an untimely departure from this world. In such an event, what would your digital legacy say about you for generations to come?
Money they say brings out the worst in people especially when it involves a valuable estate left behind by a loved one. The time, money and emotions invested in contesting a will for example is often times worth more than the will itself. In the end there's hardly anything left of the estate to be distributed, relationships are destroyed and in really bad cases, lives are lost.
Indeed, I recently co-authored a study of 3,500 highly successful entrepreneurs and found a high correlation between networking
One family may keep all the contents in a waterproof, fireproof file cabinet or safe to feel confident they have things under
Estate planning is a daunting topic. It's morbid to think about all of the "what ifs." What if something were to happen and one of your family members were to get seriously injured on the trip? What if catastrophe struck?
When I announced to my wife that I was writing a book about planning for the inevitable, she replied, "Why not a love story, or a book on travel. This is gruesome." She went on to say that she would never buy such a book.
Clients craft their list irrespective of how others will receive it. This empowers them to think specifically about their
Will the Smith family be blessed or cursed by their "divine intervention?" God only knows.
If I have kids and grandchildren, I would update the will to benefit the grandkids directly, unless the kids need financial
Settling the affairs of a parent who recently has died presents a family with emotional and practical challenges. Primary among those is attending to the family finances.
Evaluate available adoption grants. Various community groups, religious organizations and nonprofit organizations and foundations
How could a man who fought so hard to re-gain control over his musical legacy not have created a plan for it after he died? How could a man with a philanthropic heart not have cemented his charitable legacy with testamentary gifts? Et tu, Prince?
If this is you, here's why you need to change that.