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The parades may be canceled, but Pride isn't. Here's a month of protests, panels, dance parties, teach-ins, concerts, happy hours and more to help you celebrate.
The "Love, Simon" spinoff series, starring Michael Cimino, is slated to premiere in honor of LGBTQ Pride Month in June.
The beloved actors shine in director Cory Finley's gripping movie about a real public-school embezzlement scandal.
Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw unveiled their new single "The Lake" Friday and hope to remind fans they aren’t alone.
"All Stars" winners Trixie Mattel and Monét X Change spill the tea about the star-studded spinoff and why the show took them by surprise.
Multi-household families are drawing on the resiliency that comes from living on the margins.
Amid the coronavirus pandemic, these reality competition shows plan to conclude runs with Zoom performances and video chat reunions. But how will it work?
A sad bulldog and a happy, paint-covered prince top our list of distractions.
She called this one exclusion from the Netflix series "a huge injustice to the jury."
Turns out Leslie Knope and the rest of Pawnee's civil servants are stuck at home, too.
The new Stones song, “Living in a Ghost Town,” features lyrics like “I’m going nowhere/Shut up all alone/So much time to lose/Just staring at my phone.”
Why didn't Marty's parents recognize him? Screenwriter Bob Gale gets asked all the time.