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"It is more painful to advocate for myself to health care professionals and be let down than it is to not try at all."
The teen put a modern twist on an Old World look for the occasion and took a moment to acknowledge LGBTQ Pride Month on social media, too.
Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch delivered the court's resounding victory for LGBTQ rights on Monday.
Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders were among those who called the court's decision a step in the right direction.
The Latin pop superstar kicked off a quarantine comeback with "Pausa," a new EP featuring collaborations with Sting, Bad Bunny and more.
The tweet had many claiming that Nickelodeon "confirmed" SpongeBob was gay.
While Title VII bars discrimination on the basis of “race, color, national origin, sex, and religion,” the original bill didn’t define “sex” as a term.
"My wife and kids already knew about my gender identity but after leaving the hospital, I realized it was time to tell everyone else."
By moving to a new, progressive city where no one assumed I was straight, I skipped right over an uncomfortable coming out process.
The former Olympian, who publicly identified as transgender in 2015, said she now sees herself politically as "economically conservative, socially progressive."
The "Truth Hurts" singer talks about her exercise journey over the last five years and tells fans: "Health is also what happens on the inside."