Faith Shift

We want to deconstruct toxic and rigid gender roles.
Holway, who is half white and half Korean, was adopted and raised in the U.S., and became bilingual as a Churches of Christ
"We walked into this room and there were 60 white people. No black people. No people of color,” she said. “I did not want
Singledom isn't just something growing among Mormons. About half of American adults, or 100 million, are single, according
The stakes are high. Not only could Birmingham's historic synagogues one day disappear, but so could its secular Jewish organizations
The Huffington Post recently launched a year-long series on religion called Faith Shift. We have our own ideas on stories to cover, but to get the fullest picture of religion in America, we need your help. What should we write about next?
This week, The Huffington Post begins a year-long series, called "Faith Shift," to explore and examine America's changing religious landscape.
Their differing takes were emblematic of that often unspoken conflict within this community: Are the progressives practicing