Faith Shift

We want to deconstruct toxic and rigid gender roles.
According to a recent Pew survey, most are part of Catholic churches, which tend to have separate ministers and Bible study
In Seattle, a big city for Buddhism but nowhere near as popular or diverse as Los Angeles or New York when it comes to Buddhist
"There's a higher rate of people wanting higher education, and people are becoming more and more concerned about having a
"There are some natural cultural differences between Jewish people and others. It's nice to have a certain baseline with
The Huffington Post recently launched a year-long series on religion called Faith Shift. We have our own ideas on stories to cover, but to get the fullest picture of religion in America, we need your help. What should we write about next?
This week, The Huffington Post begins a year-long series, called "Faith Shift," to explore and examine America's changing religious landscape.
"Shariah is how we live according to God's will for us," said Jamila Ezzani, 28, an autism specialist who has been in the