Family Fridays

Cheryl Shuman joins Nancy to talk about the notion of supporting marijuana while being a parent.
If a person’s situation is amicable, then intentionally doing things together can bring a bunch of healing and help open
Since we've launched our Family Friday series, we've gotten so many beautiful submissions from you and we've been genuinely
You can see a few photos of Daniel and Yohandel below. To see more families and learn how to share your own, scroll to the
Chuck and I spotted each other at a Valentine's Day Party 25 years ago this year. The song, "Across a Crowded Room," would
How did you and your partner meet? Although we shared mutual friends, we first met at a local espresso café on a rainy Sunday
Here is where things went off the beaten path. We received a call on Thursday, May 4, 2011 that there were two girls, siblings
What makes you proudest of them? I'm proud of my sistahs because they strive to be the best people possible. We all bring
As part of our Family Friday series, every week we spotlight one family, share the story of their love and send lots of support
Give. Get. Those are the words scrawled at the top of my daughters' holiday gift wish lists. That's the way we encouraged them to think about their "Santa" list this year -- a list of what they want to give to someone as well as what they hope to get.