Female Sexuality

Sex researcher Emily Nagoski joins HuffPost Live to explain what is preventing people from having satisfying sex.
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"The more often it didn’t happen, the less I felt like trying, and the worse our relationship got."
"I didn’t expect submission to heal me, but it has."
"If I can hire a massage therapist to help relieve my back pain ... and a mechanic to service my car, I should be able to legally hire a man to have sex with me."
Medical experts explain why they form, how to prevent them and how to lessen the appearance of the ones you already have.
"I wouldn’t dream of touching a stranger’s breasts in the supermarket or opening a conversation with 'Your tits are massive,' but these things have happened to me."
"It’s taken me 23 years to realize that a label doesn’t offer some kind of inner truth into my identity or sexuality."