Florida Atlantic University

Caleb Pendleton of Florida Atlantic University made a grand debut.
Migrating blacktips brought out the big predator for a close-to-shore buffet in a riveting video.
There is no reason to be surprised that Florida teachers are “fleeing.”
“I made a new mix! It’s called Climb It, Change Is Real. Theme is self-evident. This one bangs.” @Lin_Manuel Natalia Arias
The professor had claimed the Sandy Hook school massacre was a hoax.
James Tracy, who claims the San Bernardino massacre and the Boston Marathon bombing were staged, may have gone too far.
“It created a funneling effect,” she said. “Like they’re living in a smaller town, they know each other better.” Titcomb
Here's the story of a heroic individual bucking the system. But what a system! Pharmaceutical companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars to develop and patent drugs that might prolong cancer patients' lives a few months or years.
"Generally, you don't get to have an appeal until you have a trial, but in Florida, and in most states, there are administrative