Gabrielle Union

When Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux met on the "Tropic Thunder" set in 2007, she "thought he was very sweet," but she also remembers "thinking he was very dark." She said, "At first you think he could be, like, a serial killer."
"I ain’t crazy," the singer said before shouting out the NBA Hall of Famer.
The actor previously shared her side of the story in her memoir, published in 2021.
Ariana Grande, Mark Ruffalo, Gabrielle Union and nearly 200 other entertainers and authors signed the letter denouncing the "censorious" and "chilling" bans.
The actors, who memorably worked together on the sitcom, "Sister, Sister," joined forces for choreography to a popular 1999 song.
The 50-year-old delivered a hilarious response to the ageist critics who disapprove of her bikini pics.
The film is a feel-good rom-com about bucking cougar stereotypes — and finding yourself.
The retired NBA great responded to some of the criticism the couple received after Union said in a Bloomberg interview that they split “everything 50/50.”
The actor caused a stir on social media when she revealed that she splits "everything 50/50" with the retired NBA star.
In a May 2023 interview, Union noted that she and her husband split household bills — and the internet went crazy.