Gabrielle Union

The actor caused a stir on social media when she revealed that she splits "everything 50/50" with the retired NBA star.
In a recent interview, Union noted that she and her husband split household bills — and the internet went crazy.
The actor appeared to respond to backlash over her recent Bloomberg interview in which she shared details about her family's financial arrangement.
The actor told Bloomberg in a recent sit-down interview that she struggles with a "scarcity mindset."
The 15-year-old's très chic appearance comes nearly two weeks after being legally granted a name change and assignment of gender.
The actor's daughter hilariously showcased her vocal abilities on the Disney hit “Let It Go" and other tunes.
The retired NBA star honored his wife for her milestone 50th birthday with some new ink on his inner wrist.
The veteran actor and stepparent to Zaya Wade spoke about the difficult journey she went on for A24’s “The Inspection.”