"Personal Shopper," "Elle" and "Neruda" are among the standouts.
In response to the growing calls for diversity among its members, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences named
Solitary confinement is one of the cruelest punishments of all... being left alone with nothing but your thoughts, fears
For the past two weeks, Gael García Bernal has been making the rounds on TV -- late night shows, morning shows, news programs, and even fake news programs -- to promote his newest film, the Jon Stewart-directed drama Rosewater.
What do you hope audiences take away from "Rosewater"? Many things, many questions. I think among the many questions the
Dena Takruri interviewed the star for AJ+, Al Jazeera’s video news channel, and asked him to comment on the situation. “I
On a regular basis, I see many worse movies out there than Rosewater, Stewart's sometimes affecting, sometimes overly earnest film about an Iranian journalist thrown into solitary confinement by a regime that thinks he's a spy.
"Rosewater" will be released in the U.S. on Nov. 14th. Stewart said that in the beginning he took a purist approach, but
Who is Dayani Cristal?, is an intimate examination of the journey of one migrant who perished in the Arizona desert, far from his native Honduras, with no real identification but a name tattooed over his heart
"Y Tu Mamá También" star Gael García Bernal is reportedly separating from his wife after nearly five years of marriage. According