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...And, no, this doesn't mean she's planning to run for president.
It sometimes feels safer to think you're just like everyone else. Which you are, in that you want to love and be loved, and you prefer it when people are kind to you, and you would rather succeed than fail.
Sitting down every day and asking yourself what you care about most and what you would most like to share with the world becomes a ritual of finding meaning in a life that sometimes appears meaningless.
By Gary Zukav Multisensory perception reveals ourselves, and the world, as different than we imagined. We still see ourselves
Let's celebrate love and marriage for what it can be. Let's understand there are many different types of love to be experienced before you feel you've reached the ultimate love in your life. Forever can be a beautiful thing.
Now the story becomes even more interesting. Some experiences of fear can appear to be experiences of love. For example, romantic
"Well, the issue isn’t between parenting and technology," Zukav says in the above video. "The issue is between parenting
"Try to hold this thought: The job isn't going to make you happy," Zukav continues. "It can be a job that's just delightful
"I love video games. Part of what they do is they allow me to be in a completely different world for a while." "Bathing is
Before answering, Zukav says we must first understand what suffering actually is. Many people may describe suffering as experiencing
"Super Soul Sunday" airs Sundays at 11 a.m. ET on OWN. Believing that you are powerless, Zukav says, sparks a downward spiral
Too often, in the busyness of our lives, our intentions are semi-unconscious, meaning they slip unnoticed directly through to the reactive habit-mind, circumventing the deeper contemplative self. As a result, we may make choices which spawn consequences that we may not anticipate.
To change the experiences of your life requires becoming aware of the intentions you are choosing moment to moment, and the experiences you encounter, and then making the connections between your intentions and your experiences.
Mariel Hemingway, the Oscar-nominated actress and granddaughter to novelist Ernest Hemingway, met former stuntman Bobby Williams
Spiritual partners help one another recognize when a frightened part of the personality is active. They can alert you when
During Zukav's appearance on an encore episode of "Super Soul Sunday," Oprah reveals the specific sentence that made such