Gender Identity

"It is more painful to advocate for myself to health care professionals and be let down than it is to not try at all."
"My wife and kids already knew about my gender identity but after leaving the hospital, I realized it was time to tell everyone else."
For some queer college students, online learning amid COVID-19 means more than just awkward Zoom classes. It means hiding their sexuality or gender identity.
The journalist digs deep into the past in this touching debut book on sexuality, gender identity and the power of family.
"In my ’90s high school sex ed I learned there were a limited number of identities someone could have, but I suddenly realized how much the world had changed."
More salons are utilizing gender-neutral pricing, charging for the time you spend in the chair rather than your sex.
"Last year, I came out as nonbinary, and this new experience of gender is rapidly altering my relationship with feminism."
Attorney General William Barr sounded off on a lawsuit filed on behalf of three Connecticut teens who say they've been forced to compete against trans rivals.
The Evergreen State's measure is named after Nikki Kuhnhausen, a transgender teen who was killed last year.
NBC's new musical comedy gave the gender-nonconforming actor and singer a chance to reflect on his own experiences as a person of faith.