Activists said the acting secretary's appearance at a law school conference would have given the Trump administration a "platform to spread hatred."
The couple's law firm recently represented the University of Southern California, which prosecutors argued could create a conflict of interest.
The reality star also spoke about a higher education initiative at the facility and filmed footage for a documentary on her criminal justice activism.
Children's enrollment in Medicaid and CHIP nationwide fell by more than 800,000 last year, according to a new report.
Black women’s lived experiences echo a 2017 study that found adults viewed young black girls as less innocent and more adult-like than white girls.
The NYPD also used a photo of a New York Knicks player to search its database for a man wanted for a Brooklyn assault, according to a report by Georgetown University.
Georgetown University students voted in favor of funding reparations to the descendants of slaves in the form of a student fee.
If university officials agree, Georgetown would become one of the first major U.S. institutions to provide financial restitution for its role in slavery.
Or, at least, someone with his exact name and background does.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation is charging nearly 50 people for participating in a nationwide bribery ring that U.S. attorney Andrew Lelling called the “largest college admission scam ever prosecuted by the Department of Justice.”
Some 157 people, including 8 Americans, were killed when an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8 jetliner crashed shortly after takeoff.
This wasn't the rapper's first speech on a table this month.
Georgetown University student Seth Owen said he'd looked up to Ellen when he was coming out.
Seth Owen, who endured gay conversion therapy, will be attending Georgetown University this fall thanks to a GoFundMe campaign.
Hundreds of alumni say the homeland security secretary “disgraces” their school with migrant family separations.
A spate of recent stories wonder if men exposed by Me Too can return to the spotlight. Their accusers often can't.
Every single day, journalists of color get emails like the one I got.
"It is insulting to the community, to the idea of freedom of expression, and therefore to the very point of a law school," one of the signers says.