"My husband whispered he had additional presents for me. I opened the box and found a life-sized, squishy-but-hard, textured but-smooth ... silicone thing."
There are supportive significant others, and then there are these people.
"I took off my bra and a skittle fell out, but I don’t remember the last time I ate skittles?"
I will share with you my own emotional roller coaster of a year after widowhood, so you will better understand your widowed
4. Don't let your emotions trick you into acting foolish. At least once in your lifetime you are going to witness one of
It was a lovely summer afternoon in my beautiful Chicago. I had just left my friends, whom I get together with twice a week
And don't even start with the heart-shaped earrings.
I don't doubt he loves me; he tells me a dozen times a day. I guess I'll spend forever knowing I may not be the first or the most ferocious, but I'm the one who got him to say, "I do."
High school can evoke bad memories, of cliques and hormone-infused drama, of memorizing World War I dates, of diagramming sentences and conjugating Latin verbs and struggling through Calculus. Of being plagued by self-doubt and wanting desperately to fit in.