Greek Life

Swarthmore College student organizers are feeling the fallout after leading protests that forced the only two fraternities on campus to disband.
Former Phi Psi members boasted about their sexual conquests and hazing rituals, leaked documents show.
The Supreme Court nominee's school days are under increasing scrutiny in the wake of a sex assault allegation.
Fraternities contradict the mission of education, which is to remove barriers to equality. They must evolve or die.
The racist, anti-Semitic video from a fraternity at Syracuse University is not an isolated incident.
"There must be a new culture," the FSU president declared.
He said a group of white men repeatedly yelled "F**k you, n****r'" at him outside his home.
For many, college is the first place where serious thought is given to one’s identity. All of a sudden you’re forced to think
"Not in a million years did I think I would ever date a woman."
Teresa Seely said her son could have died from the alleged prank.
The social and economic capital found in Greek life is still maintained by the exclusion of marginalized identities.
The Founders and Pearls box is full of goodies crafted with your sorority in mind.
Fraternity and sorority members put safety above partying until they could implement new rules for social events.