Growing Upward

At what point did I become so old? Okay, not old. But, like, old. As in: not young; out of touch with what’s trendy and not
The countdown had begun! My routine was not even the slightest bit disrupted. When it's over, I remind you that it all starts
But even though I feel like I'm getting closer to my 30s, I often get mistaken for an 18-year-old. Such is the dilemma of a woman who looks younger than she is.
I started to actually live in the present instead of dwelling over the past. I started to look toward to my future instead of absolutely dreading what was to come. I started to enjoy life, for real.
Seven days shy of this milestone, my heart still feels the same excitement for life and all its possibilities as it did at 14. And my mind is filled with the wisdom of 40 years of life lessons.
12. And, perhaps most importantly... 4. Being a parent involves a whole lot more than just having kids. "Here’s what a parent