Growing Upward

At what point did I become so old? Okay, not old. But, like, old. As in: not young; out of touch with what’s trendy and not
Suddenly my parade of celebration was a death march. Before I could answer (40 made me lethargic) my five-year-old says, "Mom
But even though I feel like I'm getting closer to my 30s, I often get mistaken for an 18-year-old. Such is the dilemma of a woman who looks younger than she is.
I started to actually live in the present instead of dwelling over the past. I started to look toward to my future instead of absolutely dreading what was to come. I started to enjoy life, for real.
Seven days shy of this milestone, my heart still feels the same excitement for life and all its possibilities as it did at 14. And my mind is filled with the wisdom of 40 years of life lessons.
"I remember receiving Oh The Places You’ll Go and being incredibly inspired by its message. But when college graduation rolled
I was so consumed in myself and my needs that no one or nothing else was as important. I am disappointed that I hurt those that had given me nothing but love, compassion and fifth chances. I don't believe in regrets. But I do wonder what I would say to that girl if this version of me could go back to high school me.
Someone famous once observed that the eyes are the windows to the soul. But in 2015, I am pretty positive that it's the notes section on our iPhones.
Exercising is essential, but so is eating a bag of kettle corn popcorn occasionally. It's all about balance.
In our 20s, we contemplated getting bangs, since they're so cute and trendy. In our 30s, we get bangs to hide all those train track marks covering our forehead!
15. "I feel so light since my divorce and feel lighter everyday. My worries are lifted off my chest more and more each day
When Kat Forsythe’s marriage of 33 years ended, she expecting to feel a sense of freedom. “Let the ones who drain you go
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For 99 percent of sexually active women, Thanksgiving came early this year. Hold the kids' table, add a parade of animated
I met my husband at age 17 and we stayed together through four long years at colleges more than a thousand miles apart. Looking