A Tokyo Olympic drone display, a memorial for Haiti's slain president and the hajj pilgrimage round out some of this week's most stunning images.
Muslims hoping for a once-in-a-lifetime journey to Mecca to perform the hajj will have to wait until next year due to concerns over the coronavirus.
Roughly 2 million Muslims were expected to go on Hajj this year.
How much of a game do we want to play with something so dangerous to humanity?
Saudi Arabia worked to improve security measures this year.
The May decision to chasten the Saudi religious police was of course taken, as all major decisions are, by the royal family
One would assume that Mecca is a city of religious purity and traditionalism. However, a visit to the holy city a couple of years ago led me to the astonishing realization that the troops of globalization have reached not only the Saudi Kingdom, but the cradle of Islam as well.