Fraternity and Sorority Hazing

Timothy Piazza, 19, died after consuming a large amount of alcohol during a Beta Theta Pi pledge event and falling down the stairs.
The "sick cycle" of freshman initiation including being forced to drink beer off an older student's genitals.
On September 14, 2017, Maxwell Gruver—a Louisiana State University freshman and Phi Delta Theta fraternity pledge—died from
Timothy Piazza fell accidentally, but frat brothers are accused of failing to seek help and covering up what happened.
Teresa Seely said her son could have died from the alleged prank.
The boy was crumpled up in a ball, his body half burrowed into the crevice where the wall of the school building met the
Here we go again. Summer is coming to an end, which means that colleges and universities are gearing up to welcome-in the new student bodies for the new school year. While the Administration is preparing for housing, meal-plan and class-scheduling issues, those involved in Greek Life (fraternities and sororities) are preparing for "rush."
Some experts worry that we aren't taking advantage of the opportunity to talk about the role of masculinity in college sexual violence.
The talented Bradley Doyley may have been forced to drink a toxic substance.
HARRISBURG, Pa., Jan 5 (Reuters) - Members of a Penn State University fraternity will not face criminal charges for hazing
"Even worse, [the fraternity] sought to allegedly cover it up by destroying evidence."