"We have a lot to teach the American people."
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"A lot of them aren’t even pretending to be in charge," former President Barack Obama said in a commencement address to HBCU graduates.
“I am here today because of the power of these institutions to uplift and bring about opportunity to Black Americans," the 2020 presidential candidate said.
The president received the award for his efforts to pass the First Step Act on federal prison reform.
The president's speech at a historically Black college came days after he called the impeachment proceedings against him "a lynching."
The media mogul’s latest contribution to the college makes her scholars fund the largest endowment for a scholarship in the school’s history.
"Everybody wants another Obama and he’s the closest thing we can get,” said one student at Texas Southern University, a historically Black college in Houston.
The Democratic presidential hopeful also introduced a plan to help fund black business owners.
Morehouse College’s class of 2019 just got all of their student loans paid for by billionaire investor and philanthropist Robert F. Smith.
Students who transition from male to female, however, will not be automatically eligible to receive a degree from the institution.