How long will this pattern of calculated racism persist?
Tamia Potter’s achievement marks the first in the university’s 148-year history.
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The Hall of Fame cornerback left small-town Jackson State to become the head coach at the University of Colorado, and everyone has something to say.
Capital One and Delaware State University have teamed up to continue building the legacy of Delaware’s only HBCU.
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Depression and anxiety have been increasing at a staggering rate among Black students. It's time to examine the systems that are holding us back from sound health.
An investigation linked the boy to bomb threats against historically Black colleges and universities earlier this year, according to authorities.
With the Cardinal Divas, Princess Isis Lang wanted a safe space for other Black students at the LA school. She didn’t expect so many people to be mad about it.
The longtime actor, who revealed Zahara's decision to attend Spelman, showcased her moves in a TikTok clip that has gotten more than 125,000 views.