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Three, look for a dissenting or cautionary expert opinion. Good science journalists will check with independent experts on
This one may sound like a winner. You get to eat some tasty holiday foods and stay on track for your goals. The big problem
When it comes to your health and quality of life, buddies matter. Do your best not to go it alone.
Now that Peter has died, I have lost my appetite. I have lost the zest for soul food -- food that brings us emotional connections. Part of my grief is losing that connection that we had over our joy of eating. My new normal seems indigestible in so many ways.
Women learn about sex through the eyes of the world around them. They learn to see themselves through the desires of men and popular culture. Women grow up watching the story of sexuality being retold again and again through the eyes of the outsider instead of through their own bodies.
Hearing aids are not covered by Medicare. They are also not covered by most state Medicaid programs or by the Affordable Care Act or most private insurance. Essentially, you're on your own.
Now that I am firmly in my 90s, I know you are anxiously awaiting a report. I have good news for you; it's fine.
What is painfully true is that as you age, if you give up on sex, then sex will give up on you.
All can be calm and bright as we gawk at tall trees ablaze with colored lights and savor our adult kids, who for one beautiful, fleeting stretch of time are back in their childhood beds, under one roof.
Lack of shut-eye can wreak havoc on your health. Learn what you can do to sleep better.
A report from The Economist's Business of Longevity conference.
While some assisted living residents leave their communities to visit family during the holidays, it's not uncommon for residents to stay put.
Leukemia therapies, augmented reality, and advancements in Alzheimer's treatments are leading the charge for the future of health care.
There is a definite upside to being an older music student.
Imagine a typical holiday party: You and your friends, dressed to impress, feeling celebratory and reflecting on the best parts of the past year, and maybe even talking about your goals for the next one. There's food, laughter, and probably alcohol.
When a cough doesn't go away, it could be more serious.