Helen Gurley Brown

It’s time to make some noise. The stakes are too high to stay silent.
You know when you have entered the realm of the Badass Babe when you have finally figured out that you only have to answer to yourself. You have stopped worrying about showing your upper arms in public, putting a purple streak in your hair, and frankly what other people think.
When I boarded the Queen Elizabeth 2 at Southampton, UK, for my first Atlantic crossing in August 2002, I felt like an impostor.
During the Golden Age of Hollywood women were heralded and revered but with that era long gone, women needed new roles models
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As we remember Gurley Brown today, let's call upon the timeless wisdom she offered on the topics of life, love and work.
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We love a woman who can compare a meat dish to a Bill Blass suit.
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Here's Gurley Brown's advice/argument for turning your apartment into a gorgeous place, from "Sex And The Single Girl." As