Helen Gurley Brown

It’s time to make some noise. The stakes are too high to stay silent.
You know when you have entered the realm of the Badass Babe when you have finally figured out that you only have to answer to yourself. You have stopped worrying about showing your upper arms in public, putting a purple streak in your hair, and frankly what other people think.
When I boarded the Queen Elizabeth 2 at Southampton, UK, for my first Atlantic crossing in August 2002, I felt like an impostor.
When more women came out to vote for Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton in 2008, it was confounding that so many women made
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As we remember Gurley Brown today, let's call upon the timeless wisdom she offered on the topics of life, love and work.
8. Ruth Bader Ginsburg 3. Cindi Leive The advertising executive and powerhouse behind IfWeRanTheWorld and MakeLoveNotPorn
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Here's Gurley Brown's advice/argument for turning your apartment into a gorgeous place, from "Sex And The Single Girl." For
Including what you should do with a cat. Not a euphemism.
At first, when I was a young wannabe writer I made the mistake of comparing myself to all the writers I most admired. I read their books and wondered how on earth I would ever write anything even touching the lofty heights of their gorgeous sentences and beautiful stories.
Do I believe that you should follow every trend and obsess over your hair? No! Do I think every woman needs an expensive, fancy wardrobe? Not at all. But what I've learned along the way is that getting your fashion and beauty ducks in row lets you obsess less and accomplish more.
Tyler Perry has built a remarkable career and media empire. I think he'll survive one small blip on the radar screen of his success. He has survived a lot worse in his life.
"I grew up reading "Cosmo,"" declares brand-new "Cosmopolitan" ­editor-in-chief Joanna Coles, one of her peculiar pedicure
Oh, dear Helen of Cosmo, fairest one of all, what can a boomer girl do to continue to look beautiful during her life after 50?
Calling all women with "sultry," "perfect" voices! Audible Studios wants YOU to narrate the audiobook version of "Sex And
Helen Gurley Brown passed away last Monday at 90. I had the pleasure of knowing HGB for nearly two decades. She was a delightful and valued friend, a mentor and my honorary Godmother.
Talk to them -- yes, both girls and boys -- about the enhanced images and videos that they will be exposed to. Tell them that pornography is like false advertising, the goal being to sell and market products, not necessarily to convey truth and honesty.