High Holidays

During the Days of Awe -- the Jewish calendar's holiest season -- progressive Jews are advocating for the rights of undocumented immigrants.
The call exposed a fissure within the American Jewish community on how to approach relations with the White House.
God is ready to turn the page on a New Year, not just for the Jews, who are ushering in the year 5777. This New Year is for all of us, every faith, every culture, every person. God knows we all need a New Year, as this one was so full, too full, of name-calling and violence and despair.
Dates, prayers, history and more.
So many words! This is what comes of being the People of the Book -- that our approach to sacred days, succeeding the ancient system of tangible sacrifices and physical offerings, has evolved to be so much a matter of recitation, of bringing our heritage to life verbally.
I am from a nice Jewish home in Cleveland, Ohio. My parents were hardworking, decent people, my grandparents were immigrants
You don't have to re-learn your bar mitzvah Torah portion.
Yom Kippur came early for me this year. It was one of the last weekends of the summer at Camp Ramah in the Poconos, where my wife serves as educational director. An extraordinarily skilled Bible teacher, Aron Freidenreich, was giving a class for the rabbis, staff and spouses who were up for the weekend.
The High Holy Days are a good time to renew your commitment to social justice.
The High Holy Days begin!