The couple has inspired others in the LGBTQ+ community with their love-filled celebration.
The demands come after Swami Harish Chander Puri Ji was beaten near his temple in Queens while taking a walk Thursday morning.
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For Hindus, a priest predicts the probability of events happening based on the prevailing planetary positions at the time and place of a person’s birth.
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The president left out the religion the holiday is historically rooted in.
Sujatha Gidla was born into India's lowest social caste, the untouchables. Despite moving to the U.S., the psychological toll of being untouchable left her feeling inferior for years.
Mother’s Day around the world can involve much more than just breakfast in bed. Here are some unique traditions from the United Kingdom, Japan, Ethiopia, Mexico and Nepal.
Don’t dilute Holi as a “Color Run” or just do it for the ‘gram.
by Jill Patel  The idea that being an Indian-American can be confusing is quite the understatement. It is a complex juxtaposition
Children often have profound questions about the identities the inherit. Here's how to help provide answers.
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Followers of Ashutosh Maharaj claim the guru is in a deep meditative state.
In India, rape victims rarely get justice. But harming a cow is harshly punished.
Political commentator Bill Maher, his voice dripping with the vitriol which he reserves for Islam, made the claim last week
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Aftab Alam, Aligarh Muslim University Indolent Indian cows sitting or eating on the busiest roads of the country’s cities
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The movement is focused on fighting racism, casteism and Islamophobia and promoting LGBTQ rights.