Hispanic Heritage Month

The president praised Hispanics' traditions, food and, of course, music.
I love my country, the Dominican Republic. I love Uptown New York, where I’ve resided most of my adult life. I’m one of the
"Bailamos! Let the rhythm take you over, Bailamos!" 💃🏻💃🏻
A lot of people use "Hispanic" and "Latino" interchangeably and have never heard of "Latinx." So, here's a little help.
The Mexican actress opened up about her immigrant story in an op-ed.
"Being Latina is not one specific thing, it’s everything."
By Maria O Alvarez, Common Sense Media “Diversity” is a lot more than the latest buzzword in Hollywood. When kids see positive
"Just because you have imposed yourself in our community, it doesn’t mean we are gone."