Alfonso Cirulli, mayor of Barnegat, New Jersey, is fighting a law that is trying to bring LGBTQ history to school curriculums.
Matthew Mason's mother is helping to plan the event in Modesto, California. "This is hate pride," he said.
The “Spider-Man: Far From Home” actor said his "Brokeback" co-star, who died in 2008, "would never joke" about the gay romance at the heart of their film.
The teenagers, described as between the ages of 15 and 17, are accused of assaulting a same-sex couple after ordering them to kiss.
“We cannot become accustomed to homophobia and racism on the pretext that we are in a football stadium," the French president said.
The restaurant chain said it would not host an event by a Tennessee pastor who made death threats against gays.
"The press coverage, and timely law enforcement response, was not coincidental to our complexions," the woman wrote of her assault on a London bus.
"I think it’s important for me to be like, 'Hey, you can still come visit Georgia and kick it at my place,'” Corey Forrester said.
The emails obtained by The Daily Beast relate to a legal battle between the bestselling author and a former headmaster at a prep school Sparks co-founded.
"We ... need a moment to remember how lucky we are to have a safe space right now," the singer said at her concert.
The video giant is accused of profiting off pedophilia and homophobic bigotry.
The Texas Republican tweeted in defense of Steven Crowder, whose slur-filled videos sparked a harassment campaign against Vox journalist Carlos Maza.
The Femm app attacks hormonal birth control as unsafe and unreliable, according to The Guardian.
YouTube claims to have no tolerance for hate speech or cyberbullying, but Carlos Maza doesn't buy it.
Duterte tried to demonstrate his heterosexual bona fides by inviting several women onstage to kiss him.
"Maybe get a hobby that doesn’t involve being homophobic and hating others for being happy," the supermodel wrote.
A HuffPost investigation has revealed claims of abuse at a school run by a notorious anti-gay pastor in New York.
The openly gay 2020 Democratic presidential candidate answered bigotry with wit and grace.
Jair Bolsonaro is upset that the Carnival festival has turned against him. So he tweeted a pee tape.