The pop star engaged in a playful Twitter exchange over her unfortunate Japanese tattoo.
Fans were quick to point out the singer's somewhat permanent mistake.
Sometimes a forgotten player in the crisis, Japan is feeling the weight of the escalating nuclear tensions.
"Plus they gave us a small afternoon snack like a cream puff or small piece of cake and tea."
Many fans were pissed after seeing the minor league team's offensive tweet.
It can be as fancy or as simple as your budget and blood sugar will allow. Brain freezes are an unavoidable side effect. Try
Some Japanese men say they’re falling in love with sex dolls.
David Bouhadana trained in Japan for three years. Does that give him a right to make fun of an accent?
⑧ Super Size Me It may not be as appetizing as the others on our list, but Morgan Spurlock makes something bad something
They’re both conflating internment camps with concentration camps, and that’s a problem.
It’s only Tuesday and things in the world are weird. 1. President Trump admitted to leaking sensitive information to the