Jaweed Kaleem

Jaweed Kaleem joins Josh to discuss what Yom Kippur really means.
The lawsuit, filed along with the New York Civil Liberties Union and the Creating Law Enforcement Accountability and Responsibility
But since officiating the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton two years ago, an event watched by hundreds of millions
Several individuals throughout the U.S. had come forward in recent weeks through news reporters, social media and blogs to
The survey, which was released Tuesday, found that 42 percent of Americans believe Islam is "more likely" than other religions
"It can be done privately and quietly, which is something you see often with high-profile deaths, such as with celebrities
Always face the person in the chair. Sense their breath, the rising and falling of the lungs, the blood's flush on the cheeks.This was the advice of Ellen Synakowski to members of the Washington, D.C., Threshold Choir, only a few months into its existence. Their job: to use song to comfort the dying through the end of life.
"I found myself doing chores all morning and was supposed to sit by him in the afternoon, but was terrified when the time
“We believe it is a positive sign that the vast majority of Americans have rejected the type of guilt by association advocated
This story has been updated with comment from the Islamic Society of Boston and from Anwar Kazmi about the outburst by Tamerlan