Jean Houston

The circumstances for the survival of our species have never been more difficult. Would the man made sixth extinction be reversed or should we quietly accept our destiny on the hands of men? On November 8th I will give the other half of humanity the chance to begin to fix man's shortcomings and restore our existential balance.
Millions of people were so deeply affected by Wayne Dyer's transition that occurred on August 30, 2015. He was one of the grandfathers of the spiritual movement.
Houston says that she never worried about turning a certain milestone age -- and still doesn't. "I never think about it. Never
So, what's a girl (with a little dog) to do if she wants to make a big change in her life? Apparently there is no need for
What if all of Humanity today called forth our current resources in a massive campaign to create renewable, nonpolluting energy so abundant that no armies are needed to defend it?
Our young country is in dire need of a massive paradigm shift. Until we remove the corporations from the electoral system and the political process we will remain their unwitting slaves as they continue to cash in on mother earth and all of her resources.
She says, "Sister Theresa gave me 300 million years in purgatory" for asking what the nuns thought were inappropriate questions
Eckhart Tolle: The soul is your innermost being. The presence that you are beyond form. The consciousness that you are beyond
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JEAN HOUSTON: I believe that the soul is the essence of who and what we are. It transcends our leaving this mortal coil. It
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Virtually every human being has what writer and mythologist Joseph Campbell once referred to as "the call to adventure," says
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Great minds think alike, so it's only natural that thought leaders Deepak Chopra and Jean Houston would be good friends. They've
Jean Houston is a thought leader, an anthropologist, a wisdom teacher -- and the interviewee that caused Oprah to do something
Deepak talks with Jean Houston about how narrow viewpoints can restrict our understanding.
How can we not hope for a collective death-and-rebirth of society when the commercial interests of the powerful devastate our environment, our values, our quality of life, our education, our culture, and even life itself?