Jenni Rivera

Her mother died with unfinished business, lots, in many areas. In Forgiveness Chiquis is seeing to it that in many areas she's setting the record straight and putting and end to things past to move on to things future.
In memory of Jenni Rivera, who passed away two years ago today, we're revisiting a post we originally published in July 2013
Chiquis introduced the first episode in the series explaining that the show was meant to allow her to share her feelings
Today marks one year since Mexican American banda and Norteña singer, Jenni Rivera, died in a plane crash with six others
A un año de su muerte, los famosos la recuerdan de este modo.
“La Diva de la Banda” narrates these stories from her life, something that's sure to excite fans. On the acoustic side you
El video que se encuentra en la ultima produccion de Jenni Rivera grabado en el concierto de Monterrey.
Listen to "Dos Botellas De Mezcal": The album, which will be available in CD/DVD format, will be released on December 3, just
But Jenni pales in comparison to the #1 contender. Michael Jackson continues to be a financial powerhouse, earning over $160
“The world and my family lost Jenni on December 9, I lost my mother two months before on October 2. It was a misunderstanding