Jenni Rivera

Her mother died with unfinished business, lots, in many areas. In Forgiveness Chiquis is seeing to it that in many areas she's setting the record straight and putting and end to things past to move on to things future.
In memory of Jenni Rivera, who passed away two years ago today, we're revisiting a post we originally published in July 2013
The new series is similar in format to “La Diva de la Banda’s” own reality show, “I Love Jenni.” This isn’t Chiquis' first
One of Rivera’s last projects also included the release of her English ballad called “Hurts So Bad” featuring Edward James
A un año de su muerte, los famosos la recuerdan de este modo.
Songs in the “norteño-banda” style like "Que me entierren con la banda", "Rosita Alvirez", "Vida prestada", "Se les peló
El video que se encuentra en la ultima produccion de Jenni Rivera grabado en el concierto de Monterrey.
Listen to "Dos Botellas De Mezcal": And now, almost a year after her death, La Diva de la Banda’s voice will make it’s way
Jenni is very new to the list, having just passed away last December. But in the 10 short months since she’s left us, La
Chiquis began to cry as she continued: “Every day I have to live with this, no one know the pain I carry, especially because
Read more Blogamole's News and Chisme here. By Michael Lopez We’re sure Chiquis will do a much better job emulating her famous
The tragic death of Jenni Rivera set out a firestorm on Twitter and other social media networks and soon the world was mourning
Mientras Lupillo Rivera cantaba en Un Nuevo Dia una luz se manifesto y segun el vidente Angel Gabriel era la Diva de la Banda presente ahi.
During an interview with Mexican radio program “Todo para la mujer,” Cantoral admitted that her singing range was not comparable
Originally published on VOXXI as Chiquis seeks to play her mom in upcoming Jenni Rivera film Chiquis also appeared in “Chiquis
Rosie Rivera named her newborn daughter in honor of her late sister Jenni Rivera. The world knew ”La Diva de La Banda” as
The young Rivera confessed she had been unable to do more than skim her mother’s recently released autobiography “Unbreakable
“La Gran Señora,” a new tequila marketed with Rivera’s image, will hit the shelves in Mexico and the United States next month
CORRECTION: This article initially misstated Rivera's birth date as June 2. Unafraid to bare her soul to her fans, Rivera
Jenni Rivera made it clear -- "I'm not a victim, I'm a survivor" Swimming against a current of depression, abuse, and controversy