Jesse Williams

The actor and activist has unveiled a new project for all ages — with Black culture and history at the core of its mission.
Williams, whose time as a series regular ended in 2021, said his TV occupation has led to some awkward situations.
The actor opens up about going to bat with Jesse Williams in “Take Me Out,” and shares the "most intimidating thing" about the play's nude scenes.
“I’m not really worrying about it. I can’t sweat that," said the "Grey's Anatomy" alum.
In this Outside the Box, we get the lowdown on Grey's Anatomy from Jesse Williams.
"If nudity is what you are coming for... you are in for a long boring night," the "Modern Family" actor said.
The "Grey's Anatomy" alum goes full frontal in his Tony-nominated role, but strict cellphone rules were supposed to stop overzealous audience members.
The actress broke her silence about the relationship in the best way.