Joel Osteen

The Texas preacher says he follows the Billy Graham rule, which is meant to help male pastors avoid being tempted by women.
The Jesus of the Bible just isn’t as sexy and spiritual as our celebrities.
The Houston megachurch had been criticized for initially closing its doors to hurricane victims.
The controversial pastor vowed God will "pay back what belongs to us."
Lakewood Church was under fire for being closed during the first days of Hurricane Harvey. But once it opened, it was filled with people seeking refuge and dozens of volunteers who wanted to help.
The Houston pastor is now the poster boy for how not to act in a crisis.
Preaching that God rewards in material excess inevitably ostracizes the "have-nots."
Joel Osteen explained why Lakewood Church wasn’t open as a shelter to people displaced by Hurricane Harvey… kind of.
The pastor came under fire for not initially opening Lakewood Church to flood victims.
Lakewood Church waited days before offering shelter to Houston-area flood victims.