Last Judgement

Being a college girl myself, seeing fellow peers following their dreams and passions at such a young age was truly inspiring
From a strictly biblical point of view, being born on Earth is a test. All our actions will eventually be judged by an omnipotent God who will determine whether we go to heaven or hell. Our deeds, sinful or not, determine where we spend eternity.
I struggled to write this article. I was imagining people scouring the article for every little thing I did wrong. I was constantly questioning the worth and validity of what I had to say. I'm still doing it as I write this.
"We have learned the very painful lesson that all of creation is in God's hands and he will end time in his time, not ours
Like his predecessors, Camping convinced himself that he had cracked the millennial code. What makes Camping stand out is his behavior after the failure.
After the fact, Camping's retroactively revised his prediction such that May's apocalypse was scaled back to an "invisible
Allow me to suggest that comparing the most talked about preacher of 2011 and heavy metal's prince of darkness offers a colorful illustration of a simple point
The "rapture" appeals to people because it offers a simple and hypnotic solution to their personal problems and the terrifying array of tribulations confronting the world today.
I really wanted to know what types of individuals were drawn to what Harold Camping had to say, so I spoke with a Christian Pastor, a best-selling Christian author and a hypnotist with a Masters in Religion.
I have to say, both on Sept. 6, 1994 and on May 21, 2011, I feel like you did something that was not so great. In fact, I'll say it was pretty awful.
Anyone who has lived through the death of a loved one by suicide knows it can be a daily challenge to remember that life is good. Team Life Is Good was created with suicide survivors in mind.
People of good faith can make common cause against apocalypse. Regardless of our view of ultimate reality, we can accept the world as science finds it and take responsibility for stewarding it.
Like Miller, or Franz or Applewhite before him, Camping believes he has a unique ability to interpret the word of god that gives him special insight. So we pause with bated breath to learn when the next End of Days will arrive.
Inaccurate, wrong, or wacky -- Camping's followers have told their story far better than major Christian denominations, mega-churches, and supposed "media" ministries have done.
"Why I am still here is irrelevant; all I can do now is take the 80 million dollar surplus my organization has collected to the Cayman Islands."
The rumors had persisted for months. Harold Camping and his followers were convinced beyond any doubt. But Camping's family
Harold Camping, president of Family Radio and a multimillionaire, has also been quiet, as the hours tick and signs of an
A fringe Christian radio group's prediction that "Judgment Day" will be upon us May 21 has created an international sensation
Don't forget the Mets in your May 21st Rapture plans!