Latin Grammys

By nearly every measure, it was the biggest song of 2017.
The rapper addressed the audience after performing “1-800-273-8255," his song about suicide prevention.
The late Mexican singer won Album of the Year and Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album for "Los Dúo 2."
These two need to start winning awards for Best Divorced Couple.
With the arrival of 2016, I have to once again say good-bye to musicians who bumped me up, comforted me like an old friend and occasionally introduced me to feelings I didn't know I had. Thanks to all for the wonderful moments together.
"We have to exercise our right to vote, and vote for those who will give more quality (of life) to Latinos, to the candidates. Use your strength, Latinos!"
The Mexican songstress and the Bachata artist were the big winners of the night.