Latino Icons

"Kindness and compassion toward all living things is a mark of a civilized society. Conversely, cruelty, whether it is directed
This time around, Camil will be the center of attention as he co-stars with Puerto Rican actress Gina Rodriguez in the anticipating
At 56 years old, Gloria Estefan has yet to slowdown– musically that is. The song that urged “Come on, shake your body baby
Read more Blogamole's News and Chisme here. On Mother’s Day (ironically), Gomez posted a very interesting Twitpic hinting
Guess who just released their first “tell-all” book? Apparently George Lopez is now gunning for the New York Times Best Seller
Here are 10 things you may not know about Naya Rivera of “Glee”. Personal details on “Glee’s” Naya Rivera In 2009, Naya Rivera
Listen to Aguilera singing in Spanish above, and more of the collaboration that will also be part of the new music production
She also explained that she doesn’t like to lean only on the fact that she is Latina to score acting roles, but prefers to
William Levy is everywhere these days, even in the cover of Latina magazine’s new June/July 2013 issue. During an interview
Of course if all else fails, they could always go back to an old favorite. According to several sources, JLo is now on very
According to past rumors, there may have been some tension between Carey and Lopez. According to the National Enquirer, JLo
Sofia Vergara sets the example and would go as far as revealing her own skin so you begin taking care of yours. Recently
Just in time to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and honor Mexico's culture and contributions to the American and Latino communities
By Michael Lopez Read more Blogamole's News and Chisme here. Based on the cheerleader film of the same name, "Bring It On
From Hollywood’s tough-chick roles to exotic feminine characters, Michelle Rodriguez’s career has definitely evolved through
If you like Zoe Saldaña’s style take look at the following gallery with some of her best looks in 2013. The half Dominican
Remember when they were supposed to be the Next Big Thing? These Latino stars enjoyed their 15—maybe even 20—minutes of fame
The singers are also expected to perform together in the concert "Made in Puerto Rico" in Puerto Rico next month. "’Yo Soy
For Jennifer Lopez the recent Boston bombing events could potentially become a successful and “interesting” cinematographic
Carey’s only clue to her fans was the message, “The new era begins.” And if that “era” features the smooth pop sensibilities