Latino Politics

Black, Asian American and Hispanic lawmakers are pressuring Biden for more diversity in top administration posts as the president-elect's team rolls out selections.
Regardless of the outcome, local Latino leaders wish the campaign had done more to make inroads in their communities.
The Sanders campaign believes his outreach to diverse voters will be the secret to his success.
They're making sure communities of color have a voice by organizing caucus trainings and setting up dedicated Spanish-language voting locations.
The president claims he's going to "go for the Hispanics" during next year's election, but "The Late Show" host isn't buying it.
Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus are calling for an investigation following reports that detained migrant women were "visibly" bleeding through their pants.
The Texas congressman said he snuck a camera into the detention center so the public can see the women's "awful" conditions worsened by Trump's policies.
The ACLU loses its bid to keep open the sole polling place in Dodge City, which is majority Latino. The new site is out of town.
Democrat David Garcia, an education expert and veteran, faces a tough contest against GOP Gov. Doug Ducey.
“Today’s decision essentially says, ‘Go ahead and discriminate.’”