Latino Pope

"The Pope is going to rebuke the living daylights out of Donald Trump.”
This dedication first caused some controversy in 2013 when he went against Vatican rules on Holy Thursday and washed the
See how Catholics across Latin America and Spain marked Easter and Holy Week in the slideshow above, and let us know how
A kit for making mate tea was the first gift that Pope Francis received from a world leader. The kit, which included a silver
"Yes, I remember that the man was concerned about the disappearance of his daughter in the province of Buenos Aires… he told
At that moment, team President Carlos Abdo gave him an official jersey and named him an honorary member of the soccer club
The new leader of the Catholic Church is a man of simple, austere habits. Father Guillermo Marcó, President of Fundación
There are very contradictory accounts about the degree of collaboration that he maintained with the dictatorship during those
These accusations were never cleared up in a trial. Evidence against Bergoglio was not presented and he continued to vehemently
For many in Latin America, not to mention Latinos living in the United States, this day is long overdue. The Catholic Church