Latino Pope

"The Pope is going to rebuke the living daylights out of Donald Trump.”
In less than two years the Argentine Pope's achievements are already piling up. Here are six reasons why having a Latino
The faithful have marked Holy Week across the Hispanic world with colorful processions, reenactments of the death and rebirth
Argentines are known over the world for their extreme pride in their country and their culture, and what could be more brag
A kit for making mate tea was the first gift that Pope Francis received from a world leader. The kit, which included a silver
The then Cardinal denied in another answer knowing of the pregnancy or the birth of the child in captivity, until many years
As soon as it was announced that Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio had been elected as the new pope, becoming Pope
At that moment, team President Carlos Abdo gave him an official jersey and named him an honorary member of the soccer club
The new leader of the Catholic Church is a man of simple, austere habits. Father Guillermo Marcó, President of Fundación