Latinos & Hispanics

“It’s just about your connection to the piece,” says Alejandra Martinez. “You don't need to know what stage the artist is in their career, who represents them or what the market value is.”
Year after year, Latinos are either stereotyped or rendered invisible in major Hollywood movies, a new study shows.
By gardening, cleaning or sipping cafecito like their moms and grandmas, these Latinxs are connecting to their roots and forging new traditions.
"I thought I was just the first of many. Surely after the success of 'Sesame Street' and my contribution to it, all kinds of Latinx talent would flood the media. Not so."
The bill comes after Arkansas banned government officials from using Latinx on formal documents last month.
Marvin Russell, Sarah Willie-LeBreton, and Veena Goel Crownholm join HuffPost Live to discuss the challenge of being multi-racial in America.
Jenna Ortega's character doesn't have to lean into the "spicy Latina" stereotype or adopt a fake accent in order for us to understand her as a Latine character.
Find out how Capital One and #WeAllGrow gave these Latina brand-builders even more opportunities.
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Find out how Dr. Antonio R. Flores and Marla Bilonick are helping Hispanic communities while Capital One stands alongside them.
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