Latinos & Hispanics

The 2020 census overlooked Black, Latinx and Native American residents at higher rates than a decade ago.
Even so, Latinx people made up only 1.4% of all elected officials while comprising 19% of the U.S. population.
Jewelry, bath products, leather goods and more, all from Latinx-owned brands.
Sixty two percent of Latinos who live in the U.S. say having darker skin hurts their chances of getting ahead while 59% say having light skin helps them.
These Latinx and Hispanic LGBTQ icons have had a huge impact culturally and politically.
The 24-year-old has gone viral for her informative videos about being Black, Latina and Honduran.
Lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes and more gorgeous cosmetics made by and for Latinx creators
Released Wednesday, the first day of Latinx Heritage Month, a new Annenberg Inclusion Initiative study warns of “an epidemic of invisibility.”
The ruling in Brnovich v. DNC could have implications for voting measures nationwide.
The alleged shooter wrote about "the superiority of the white race. About whites being ‘apex predators,’" the district attorney said. "He drew swastikas.”