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Latinos & Hispanics

Cannabis chef Miguel Trinidad and hemp farmer Luis Vega share the complexities of connecting to a plant that represents heritage, stigma, racism, but above all, opportunity.
Cannabis chef Miguel Trinidad and hemp farmer Luis Vega shared how they're finding their space in the budding industry of legal cannabis.
We asked readers to share their favorite pictures of their grandparents and parents.
“I went to do an audition ... and they told me, ‘You’re probably not going to get the role because they want someone who looks more Latina,’” the entertainer said.
Without these pioneers and their revolutionary ideas, the world wouldn't have made as much progress as we see today.
Straight wisdom from Tiffany Cabán, Jessica Cisneros and other Latinas in politics.
To protect workers from discrimination, the trans women of Mirror Beauty Cooperative are building a business without bosses.
Looking for a safe space? Try one of these therapy and mental health resources.
In recent weeks, mass shootings across the country have killed over twenty Latinos, and one shooter confessed to targeting people of Mexican descent.
Knowing what to say to colleagues who are being targeted begins with respecting their boundaries.
The ads urge the community to “STAND WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP" as his critics speak out against his history of xenophobic rhetoric.
The Gina Rodriguez-led series ended its five-season run, but the show's approach to Latinx representation, sex positivity and strong female leads is worth raving about forever.
Toruño honors queer women of color with her vibrant, unapologetic and very public work.
Native Americans and Latinos are shot by police at a disproportionately high rate.
We dive into Netflix's March decision to cancel "One Day at a Time," shining a light on problems with Latinx representation.
Republican leaders are making allegations of Texas voter fraud that specifically target the Latino community.
Studies show Trump’s immigration policies create a hostile environment that harms Latino parents and children.
Government is starting to look more like the people it represents.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a New York native, became the youngest woman elected to the House of Representatives.
Hurricanes from the Pacific rarely hit the Americas -- but a Category 3 storm is barreling toward land, forcing thousands to evacuate from the Mexican coast.